Karnataka Kshatriya Census

Why Kshatriya Census?

Census program has been organized for Kshatriya Community people to know the exact strength of our Community.

Please fill up your details and also share this link to all your Kshatriyan family & friends.

Benefits of this Census 2020?

There are lot of benefits which we are driving for Kshatriyans through this Census form :-

  • We are trying to provide all the Common Government Services to Kshatriyans.
  • Identifying our Community Members.
  • Keeping you updated with all the Kshatriya Samaja related events.
  • Unity is Strength.

Safety of this Data?

This Census Form is secured with SSL Certificate and this website runs on it’s own Secured Server of Kshatriya Samaja IT Cell Team. 
It's as safe as your Internet Banking Sites.

Please Read This Before Filling the Census Form

If you have already filled the Census Form Manually, then please do not enter details again. It will create duplication. If you have any doubts or clarifications about the Karnataka Kshatriya Census please feel free to call us on +91 98865 10009 Thanks.
Karnataka Kshatriya Samaja.

Kshatriya Census

DISCLAIMER : The data collected in survey is purely for the betterment of Kshatriya Samaja community and for the religious as well as social purposes. All information will be kept confidential and will not be used or shared for any commercial purposes.

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